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Air Master Ph

Aircon Nanofiber Filter

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Product description

Transform your Air-conditioning unit into an Air Purifier that filters dust, allergen, bacteria and viruses in minutes. 

Consist of Silver Nano on Nanofiber Technology, Anti virus, Antibacterial and Dust removal filtration.

Benefits : Improves air circulation around your room and improves your breathing. Gives clean air without pollen, dust and allergens. Improves Allergic Rhinitis and other allergies.

Initial effect filter : can filter out larger particles, such as human and animal hair, dander, cotton wool etc.. can be repeatedly washed and reused.

Filtration efficiency is high, flow of resistance is low, can be used continuously for a long time to reduce the cost of consumables, 0.3 micron suspended particles filter up to 99.9% high efficiency filter PM2.5 germs allergens etc. (Efficient, comprehensive and durable)