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Air Master Ph

Oxygen Concentrator 10L

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Product description

Oxygen Concentrator 10L AVAILABLE (ON HAND NOW)

Flow range: 1-10L Power : 220V/50Hz

Stages of Filtration: 8 Stages
Oxygen Concentration: 95% at most
Sound level:40dB
Additional : Nebulizer included
Dimensions : 330*260*540mm
Weight : 30kg
Functions : timer, remote control, voice broadcast, touch screen

Alarm functions :  filter-dirty alarm, power failure alarm,compressor overheating stop alarm,low flow rate alarm, purity alarm(less than 82%) It will alarm and detect if oxygen is low.

Operation functions : Touch large LED screen operation, Intelligent voice broadcast Remote control,Timer,Purity monitoring, Nebulization available

2 people can use it at same time, oxygen generating for 48H, flow range can be changed from 1-10L

Medical Grade Oxygen Concentrator (English Version)