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Air Master Ph

AirMaster AM2000 2HP

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Split Type Aircon 2HP


AirMaster Split Type AM2000 2HP


Power Supply : 220-240V. 50/60Hz

Electric Shock Prevention : Class 1

Climate Type : T1

Cooling Capacity : 18000(5100-19500)Btu/h

Heating Capacity : 18500(5100-19500)Btu/h

Power Input : 1720W

Rated Current : 7.8(14-10.8)A

Max Discharge Pressure : 4.5MPa

Max Suction Pressure : 1.9Mpa

Refrigerant : R410A

Refrigerant Quantity : 1060g

Air Flow Volume : 750m3/h

Noise : 48dB-55dB

Gross Weight : 13kg/36kg

Net Weight : 11kg/33kg

Size :873.3mmx266.7mmx208.28mm

Specs INVERTER Series

AirMaster Airconditioning 

Better Air, Better Life! AirMaster is here to COOL the nation!

Introducing AirMaster Airconditioning – your key to a Cool Life! Beat the heat with our energy-saving Split Type INVERTER Aircon, available in 1hp, 1.5hp, and 2hp. Embrace efficiency and comfort with our Window Type Aircon in 1hp and 1.5hp. Currently serving Metro Manila, soon to cool the nation! 

Why choose AirMaster?

WindFree Cooling

AirMaster innovative AIRFree™ technology is the only system that uses "still air" to create an evenly cool and comfortable environment across a whole occupied zone.

True Comfort

AIRFree™ technology creates a much gentler and milder air flow, evenly distributed through tens of thousands of micro holes, so people in the room feel almost no wind – just comfortable cool air.

Energy/Cost Saving

When operating using AirMaster INVERTER Series, the outdoor unit consumes only minimal power using less electricity compared to the Normal cooling mode⁴ ⁵. So you can stay comfortably cool without worrying about your electricity bills. 58% Savings!

Less Noise

The low-speed AIRFree™ Cooling features a quiet operation that minimizes ambient noise, so it generates significantly less detectable sound than the Normal cooling mode. Its low noise level is proven by rigid tests on each model in an anechoic room.