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Air Master Ph

Air Master MR 1500 100sqm

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CADR Rating (Clean Air Delivery Rate) : 1680 m3/h

ACH (Air Exchange Rate): 12X 

MERV Rating : MERV 17

Size : 100sqm

This MR 1500 is a medical grade air purifier that adopts the traditional structure design of rear inlet and front air supply, combined with low noise, and suitable for rapid purification of large spaces.

It is specially designed for Commercial spaces,Schools,Restaurants,Hospitals,Clinics even in your living room at home and adopts imported variable frequency DC motor which can adjust speed infinitely and realise energy saving and noise reduction, effective removal of bacterias and viruses, formaldehyde and other harmful gas virus. 

This machine is divided into, sterilization lamp, intelligent app with different functions equipped with a choice of Hepa or Ulpa filters (*out of stock), kills 99.9% virus  with a fan air volume of 1089 m3/h 

Dimensions: H x W x D
(18 kg) 58 x 33 x 125 cm

Airflow (nominal): Up to 150sqm space
980CFM (472 liters/s); adjustable intake/discharge grilles
HEPA and ULPA filter:
99.99% of particles 0.1 microns 

Change of filter is every 6 months if usage is heavy 

Chemical filter:
up to 240 lbs (110 kg); 26 blends available
UV Light: Available at 254Nm
Power: 220V
Sound level: < 20dbA at low speed
Cabinet: Heavy gauge welded steel
Options: high air flow configurations; various diameter inlet/discharge collars for ducting, pressure gauges, custom filter sequences, variable speed control, audible alarms, visual alarms.