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Air Master Ph

Air Master MR 900 50sqm

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CADR Rating (Clean Air Delivery Rate) : 865 m3/h

ACH (Air Exchange Rate): 10X

MERV Rating : MERV 16

Size : 50-70sqm

Airflow (nominal): Up to 70sqm space

FOR CLINICS and HOME USE with UV , HEPA. & Dehumidifier.

This Air Purifier is safe for protection from dust, pollen and airborne virus.

It's size is :35x40x60cm

Voltage:220V Power:95W 

Wind speed switch: low, medium and high speed 

This Air Purifier can be used for up to 50-70sqm

7 Stages of purification with UV Sterilization, Formaldehyde removal and HEPA filter.

Can Filter 0.3 microns and has Merv 13-16

Uses H13 Medical Grade filters, Anion 5million

UV Wavelength is 254Nm

Change filter every 6 months.

It is a mechanical filter that has a 99.97% efficiency rate at capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns. HEPA filter is made of thin fibers glass with high density where even the smallest particles would not be able to pass-through. It is used to trap dust mites, pet dander, mold, pollen, to the extent of bacteria and viruses.